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We are currently growing our team,
so we're looking for talented people to join, is that you?

Family Values

You’ll be part of a company that treats you just like family. No matter what you do with us, you’ll be be 100% welcomed, loved, cared for and treated just like a family member. We want you just as much as you’ll want us.

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Community Focused

MPOWR Fitness believe in being a part of the community, involving the community and listening to the community. Oh yeah … we are a community gym! As a loyal member of the team you too can be part of the exciting community activities we participate in. 

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Innovative & Future Focused 

Be part of the future. Creating innovative, inspiring and motivating experiences to share globally. The world is changing, the way we do things is changing and we plan to continue to grow and change with it! 

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Group Fitness Coaches

Lights, Camera, Action... Are you ready to shine?

What we are looking for

  • Group Fitness Instructor Experience (advantageous but not required)
  • Enjoys meeting and working with people
  • Team player and willingness to learn new things
  • Energetic, Positive and Outgoing
  • Reliable

What you’ll do

  • Training with the Program Developers and Directors in your chosen program/s
  • Instruct daily or weekly group fitness classes
  • Interact, Coach, Guide and meet new people
  • Be an inspiration and motivation to participants

What you’ll get

  • Free Membership
  • Ongoing training and workshops
  • Support and Development from the Program Developers and Directors
  • The opportunity to present on the Group Fitness Program Releases
  • Be part of the future and growth with a forward thinking, supportive and incredible team

Application Form

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