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MPOWR Fitness

A Timeline History of MPOWR Fitness. How MPOWR started and became New Zealand's first Group Fitness only gym


June 2014
X-Train was the first program developed, by Mike Sheeran. Filmed and delivered for Group Fitness Instructors to learn.


February & March
In February the company HBS Fitness was listed as a New Zealand Incorporated Company and developed to produce Group Fitness Programs.
In March HBS Fitness had successfully developed two more programs which were Activate (resistance band class) and Abliterate (abdominal training class), these were filmed and delivered to instructors quarterly.


June & October
HBS Fitness approached and bought on Mira Forrest as part of the business, bringing along with her the product Flow which was then delivered under the HBS Fitness umbrella to instructors quarterly. In October, HBS Fitness rebranded and renamed the core training class from Abliterare to ExCore (standing for Explosive Core)


February & June
In February all HBS Fitness programs were taken on board the West Wave Pools & Leisure timetable. In June HBS Fitness aligned itself with the NZ based clothing wear brand Fitwear, offering high quality clothing to the instructors and general public. HBS Fitness also began the development of Step and Force as program product sets to deliver to instructors.


November & December
HBS Fitness began the development and creation for HBS Strike to add to the collection of programs. In December, Mike & Mira began searching for a studio location in West Auckalnd, to open a brand New Group Fitness only Gym.


March, May & June
In March 2017, HBS Fitness took a complete overhaul and Rebrand. MPOWR Fitness was born! along with all product sets falling under the MPOWR family. In May MPOWR fitness acquired its shareholders along with the lease of a new location in New Lynn, Auckland. Mike & Mira resigned from Westwave and began the transition to MPOWR Fitness.
On June 12th 2017 MPOWR Fitness opened its doors as New Zealands 1st Group Fitness Only Studio.


MPOWR Fitness bought on Metafit HIIT training as part of the timetable programs. Also launching 50 classes per week, including lunchtime classes, early morning and MPOWR Jr. Classes. MPOWR Fitness also created a relationship with Lollipops, New Lynn in which the CEO visits on a weekly basis to teach fitness based exercises to the children.


June & August
MPOWR Fitness introduced a brand new Circuit/HIIT based program called Fury. Which quickly became a popular class and enticed the redevelopment of Defiance to become a HIIT Cardio & Plyometric based program.
In August, MPOWR began research and development on Group Fitness classes for Seniors, a spin based Group Fitness program and also the development of exercise programs for in school use.

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