October 2017

Owning Your Mistakes


Written By: Ruth Monk


A few weeks ago my son put on his school shoes and wandered into the lounge. He is an 11 year old boy and we live in Auckland (where it feels like it never stops raining) so the school shoes were covered in mud. And, of course, he leaves a big muddy mark on the carpet.


When we notice this mud his first words were “that’s not my fault” – Whaaaaat????? It certainly wasn’t mine! It was the shoes fault, it was the weather’s fault, anything but his. Well, it is safe to say my husband and I lost our cool. It wasn’t the mud on the carpet but the total lack of responsibility. The consequences were dire. No electronic devices for a week (this is death to an 11 year old). After we all cooled down we explained to him that we wouldn’t have been so angry if he had just ‘fessed up’ and said sorry. People will like you more if you own your mistakes.

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