August 2017

Why sleeping all night is not normal…


By Ruth Monk

I really love sleep.

Every night I get into bed and do a weird little happy wriggle, sigh and say..”I love bed”. Every night! My husband is a patient man.

And I am really good at going to sleep. I can sleep on the couch, or the beach, or under a tree. I can sleep on a plane and in a fishing boat. And definitely in a car. In fact I can say, hand to heart, that I have slept in all these places sometime in the last year.

Choosing The Challenge


By Ruth Monk

I love stability and structure and routine. In fact I thrive on it. I like its security, I like its discipline.

And then I don’t.

All of a sudden I find myself saying yes to suggestions when they come along. – Yes, I’ll learn to teach flow. Yes, I’ll take on that new role at work. Yes, I’ll go canyoning. Or (most recently) Yes, I’ll write a blog. That’s when the panic sets in. What do I know about writing a blog…I write worksheets and resources for teenagers and school reports. The last time I wrote anything of length I was at university and it was an essay towards my Science degree. And I’m pretty sure a blog is different to writing a scientific essay. But I said yes for a reason. I need a challenge and I want to try something new.

So why should we challenge ourselves, and try new things?

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